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NOTE: Lessons must be studied in their correct order to alleviate confusion and see the continuity of prophecy. All lessons are based on the King James Version of the Bible.


Prophecy Symbols

Lesson 1:   Can we Know the Future?

Lesson 2:   Is Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah?

Lesson 3:   A King's Dream

Lesson 4:   The Little Horn

Lesson 5:   By the River Ulai

Lesson 6:   Facing Your Record

Lesson 7:   The Judgment Standard

Lesson 8:   Court is Convened

Lesson 9:   He Shall Come to His End

Lesson 10: The End of These Things

Lesson 11: Sealed Till the Time of the End

Lesson 12: The Great Controversy

Lesson 13: The Beast with Seven Heads

Lesson 14: The Two Horned Beast    Lesson 14 Quotes: 'RCC Aims on America'

Lesson 15: The First Angel's Message

Lesson 16: The Second Angel's Message

Lesson 17: The Third Angel's Message


More lessons will be added soon so check back often!



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